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 Deck Building Lingo

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Mad Deckbuilder
Mad Deckbuilder

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PostSubject: Deck Building Lingo   2013-03-23, 03:12

Terms and abbreviations that I and some of my deck building buddies use so we don't have to actually type them out when we're talking things through on DN or whatever we're using at the time. I'm probably missing a lot but this covers most of what I would use on a semi regular basis. If anybody else has some go ahead and add them. Questions, comments and concerns? Post them below or PM me

Autopilot: A deck that only has one strategy that is extremely easy to pull off: Ex Harpy Dancer FTK
Aggro: An agressive deck or strategy
Aggro Control: A deck or strategy that uses control deck or strategy to pull off agressive play
Backrow: Facedown spells or traps
Beater/Beatstick: Monster with high attack or an effect that makes it hard to beat in a battle
Broken: A card, combo or deck that is extremely powerful.
Control: The ability to manipulate field presence
Control Deck: A deck that is based on controlling the field
Consistency: The ability to pull off a strategy
Dead Draw: A card that is bad to draw into
Deep Draw: A deck strategy that focuses on drawing as many cards as possible, often an exodia deck
Draw Power: Ability to draw cards
Engine: The card combination you use to get the card you need. Ex: Hero engine
Extra: The extra deck
FTK: First turn kill, a strategy that can win without your opponent doing anything. Usually a burn deck or exodia
FTW: For the Win
Go for Game: The act of attacking for the win.
Hand Trap: Monsters that use effects similar to traps while in the hand
Holy Trinity: Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Dark Hole
Lockdown: A strategy that perfectly stops all plays your opponent could possibly do.
Loop: A combo that does the same thing multiple times without using cards beyond the ones brought out by the loop.
Mill: to send from the top of your deck to the grave.
Meta: measure of how often a deck is used.
Miss timing: To not be able to activate an effect. For example your Lightpulsar was used for a syncho so you couldn't summon REDMD.
Pop: To destroy one card on the field
Recruiter: A monster that summons another monster when it's destroyed by battle ex: Mystic Tomato
Recycle: Use the same card several times.
Rouge Deck: A deck strategy that uses cards differently from the norm
Staple: Cards that everybody uses in their deck. See Holy Trinity
Side: The side deck or a card that you would side in.
Support: Cards that help a certain deck or archetype
Spam: Play many cards in one turn
Stun: A strategy meant to temporarily stop your opponent's plays
S/T: Spell or Trap
S/T control: cards that stop the usage of spells or traps
Tech: A card or cards that are not normally in a deck and are unique to the player's preference
Test: to playtest a deck
Tier: Measure of how competetive a deck is
Timing: the time at which a card's effect resolves. See miss timing
Toolbox: A deck built to handle any situation
Wall: a monster that is difficult to get rid of

Dueling against me is like getting stomped in the balls repeatedly by a man in a bear suit. The bear is wearing a hat and a bowtie. It's random and slightly painful. I speak from experience.
It looks like this:

P.S. the man on the ground is me
P.P.S. The man in the bear suit is also me
P.P.P.S. The opponent is probably the building or the tree or a very scared onlooker.
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Deck Building Lingo
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