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 Friends Forever - Yugi - Joey

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PostSubject: Friends Forever - Yugi - Joey    2013-08-26, 20:02

Yes, it's here. The duel between the two best friend Yugi and Joey. It took me half a day to get this one done properly, and a failure first. Thanks in regards to Shade556, for helping out, and playing Joey in this Duel! he took the task to play the Duel along, and we had our issues with the Dice Roll for Graceful Dice, but it all ended up good. So thanks for the help!

Anyhow, the duel is done, and I have comments of both Joey and Yugi added here. Hope you'll all like it. Enjoy, and see you next Duel!

Turn 1. Yugi’s Turn. 4000-4000.

Draw: Dark Magician Girl.
Set Alpha the Magnet Warrior.
Set Dust Tornado.
End Turn.

“Draw! I’ll Set a Monster, then a card face-down. Your turn, Joey.”

Turn 2. Joey’s Turn. 4000-4000.

Draw: Graceful Dice.
Summon Alligator’s Sword.
Alligator’s Sword 1500 -> 1700 Alpha the Magnet Warrior. Joey takes 200 Damage.
Set Drop Off.
End Turn.

“Let’s do this! Go, Alligator’s Sword! Attack Yugi’s monster! Ah, man … I’ll set this and end my turn.”

Turn 3. Yugi’s Turn. 4000-3800.

Draw: Dark Magician.
Activate Drop Off. Dark Magician discarded to Graveyard.
Tribute Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Tribute Summon Dark Magician Girl.
Dark Magician Girl 2300 -> 1500 Alligator’s Sword. Alligator’s Sword sent to graveyard. Joey takes 800 Damage.
End Turn

“Not that fast! I activate, Drop Off! It sends the card you just drew, straight to the Graveyard!”
“A fair move. But it only helped me. I tribute my Alpha the Magnet Warrior, to summon! Dark Magician Girl! And since your Trap discarded my Dark Magician, my Dark Magician Girl gains an additional 300 attack points.”
“No way!”
“Yes way! Now, my Magician. Attack his Alligator’s Sword with Black Lightning!”
“Aaah! My Monster, no!”
“That’ll be all for now. ”

Turn 4. Joey’s Turn. 4000-3000.

Draw: Panther Warrior.
Summon Panther Warrior.
Activate Scapegoat.
Activate Graceful Dice, rolls 5.
Tribute Token, Panther Warrior 2500 -> 2300 Dark Magician Girl. Dark Magician Girl is destroyed. Yugi takes 200 Damage.
End Turn.

“My turn. There we go. This should work. I summon, my Panther Warrior! But he won’t be alone. I activate, Scapegoat!”
“But that’s useless. Your Panther Warrior is still weaker then my Girl.”
“Right now yeah. But not after I activate Graceful Dice!”
“That’s a long shot, Joey. What if you don’t get enough? You need to roll at least a 4 or higher.”
“We’ll see. Roll! Boo yah, 5! Now, my Panther Warrio, attack!”
“Lucky move, as I’d expected.”

Turn 5. Yugi’s Turn. 3800-3000

Draw: Berfomet.
Summon Queen’s Knight.
Queen’s Knight 1500 -> 0 Sheep Token. Sheep Token is removed from field.
Activate Swords of Revealing Light.
End Turn.

“Draw! I’ll summon my Queen’s Knight, in attack mode. Now, my Knight, attack one of his Tokens!”
“No use, Yug. I still got 2 more of ‘m, and my Panther’s stronger.”
“Maybe so. But it won’t be able to attack. I activate, my Swords of Revealing Light!”
“Ahw, no … ”
“I’ll leave it at this. Your turn.”

Turn 6. Joey’s Turn. 3800-3000.

Draw: Gearfried the Iron Knight.
Set Little-Winguard.
End Turn.

“Time to spice things up! I draw! Oh … In that case, I’ll just set my Monster, and end my turn.”

Turn 7. Yugi’s Turn. 3800-3000.

Draw: King’s Knight.
Summon King’s Knight.
Activate King’s Knight Effect, Special Summon Jack’s Knight from Deck.
Queen’s Knight 1500 -> 0 Sheep Token. Sheep Token is removed from field.
Jack’s Knight 1900 -> 0 Sheep Token. Sheep Token is removed from field.
King’s Knight 1600 -> 1800 Little-Winguard. Yugi takes 200 Damage.
End Turn.

“Well, that was not much of a turn. I had expected more. So I’ll do that myself then. I summon, my King’s Knight! And since I already have my Queen’s Knight on the field, I get to complete the set, and summon my Jack’s Knight, from my Deck. And my Swords only prevent you from attacking. Now, my two Knights, destroy Joey’s Tokens! King’s Knight, attack his face-down Monster!”
“Sorry, Yug. But you picked the wrong one to attack with. My Little-Winguard has more Defense Points.”
“Maybe I just wanted to give you a chance. But all fair enough. You turn, it is.”
“Hey, I’m not bad, kay?!”

Turn 8. Joey’s Turn. 3600-3000.

Draw: Monster Reborn.
Activate Monster Reborn, Special Summon Alligator’s Sword.
Tribute 3 Monsters, Tribute Summon Gilford the Lightning.
Activate Gilford the Lightning’s Effect. King’s Knight, Queen’s Knight and Jack’s Knight destroyed and sent to Graveyard.
End Turn.

“I’ll show you, I can take them out all in one turn!”
“You can’t attack Joey.”
“I don’t have to. I activate, Monster Reborn, and bring back my Alligator’s Sword!”
“But why? I have my Dark Magician in my Graveyard.”
“Because of this. I tribute all three of my monsters, and Summon, Gilford, the Lightning! Now, Gilford, activate your effect, and destroy his monsters!”
“Oh no!”
“Oh yeah! I got some tricks up my sleeve as well.”

Turn 9. Yugi’s Turn. 3600-3000.

Draw: Old Vindictive Magician.
Set Old Vindictive Magician.
End Turn.

“You still can’t attack for another turn. So I’ll set 1 monster, then end my turn.”

Turn 10. Joey’s Turn. 3600-3000.

Draw: Nutrient Z.
Set Nutrient Z.
End Turn.

”That face-down ain’t scaring me. I’ll set a card, and end my turn.”

Turn 11. Yugi’s Turn. 3600-3000.

Draw: Polymerization.
Flip Summon Old Vindictive Magician.
Activate Effect, destroy Gilford the Lightning.
Tribute Old Vindictive Magician, Tribute Summon Berfomet.
Activate Effect, add Gazelle, King of mythical Beasts to hand.
Activate Polymerization. Gazelle, King of Mythical Beasts + Berfomet => Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast.
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast 2100 -> Joey.
Activate Nutrient Z. Joey gains 4000 Life Points, then takes 2100 Damage.
End Turn.

“I draw a card. *chuckle* Well, it should have. I flip summon, my Old Vindictive Magician! It’s flip effect activates, and destroys you Gilford the Lightning!”
“Oh come on, Yug! Again?”
“Yes, Joey. Again. But that’s not gonna be the end of my turn. First, I’ll summon, Berfomet, by tributing my Magician. He lets me add my Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts form my deck to my hand. Now, I activate! Polymerization! To fuse my Gazelle and my Berfomet together, to form! Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast! Now, my Beast. Attack!”
“I’m not taking all that damage, Yug! I activate my Nutrient Z Trap Card! If I were to take 2000 or more damage from an attack, I gain 4000 Life points first.”
“That brings you up to 4900! Very well then. Let’s see what else you can do.”
“I’d be glad to show you.”

Turn 12. Joey’s Turn. 3600-4900.

Draw: Release Restraint.
Summon Gearfried the Iron Knight.
Activate Release Restraint, Tribute Gearfried the Iron Knight.
Special Summon Gearfried the Swordmaster.
Gearfried the Swordmaster 2600 -> 2100 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast. Chimera destroyed and sent to Graveyard. Yugi takes 500 Damage.
Chimera activates, Summons Gazelle back to the field in Defense Mode.
End Turn.

“I’ll summon my Gearfried the Iron Knight first! Then, I’ll use my spell card. Release Restraint! My Iron Knight was once a Knight so strong, he needed his iron armor to keep his power under control. Now, I release that power! Gearfried the Swordmaster!”
“Now, my Gearfried, attack his Chimera!”
“That was a good attack. But my Chimera has a special ability.”
“Say what?!”
“Oh yes. Whenever it is destroyed, I get to Summon this back onto the field. Come back, my Gazelle!”
“It’s still weaker. Quite a bit.”

Turn 13. Yugi’s Turn. 3100-4900.

Draw: Pot of Greed.
Activate Pot of Greed. Draw Magician of Black Chaos and Black Magic Ritual.
Use Black Magic Ritual. Tribute Gazelle and Buster Blader.
Ritual Summon Magician of Black Chaos.
Magician of Black Chaos 2800 -> 2600 Gearfried the Swordmaster. Gearfried destroyed and sent to Graveyard. Joey takes 200 Damage.
End Turn.

“Let’s make this turn count, then, for my Gazelle not to be there in vain. I draw! And activate, Pot of Greed! Allowing me to draw 2 more cards. Perfect.”
“Eh … w-what?!”
“I activate the spell card, Black Magic Ritual! By sacrificing my Gazelle, and my Buster Blader, I get to summon my mighty Magician of Black Chaos! Now, my Magician, destroy his Swordmaster!”
“My Gearfried!”
“That’ll be all for now. Your turn again, Joey.”
“I need something good.”

Turn 14. Joey’s Turn. 3100-4700.

Draw: Graverobber.
Set Graverobber.
Activate Dust Tornado. Graverobber destroyed.
End Turn.

“Come on!! Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! I’ll set a card, and e-”
“I knew you’d do that. That’s why I have this. Dust Tornado!”
“What?! No way!! That’s cheating, Yug!”
“Maybe so, but your trap is still destroyed.”
“I’ll win this, one way or another.”

Turn 15. Yugi’s Turn. 3100-4700.

Draw: Magician’s Valkyria.
Summon Magician’s Valkyria.
Magician’s Valkyria 1600 -> Joey. Joey takes 1600 Damage.
Magician of Black Chaos 2800 -> Joey. Joey takes 2800 Damage.
End Turn.

“Let’s see. This should do. I summon, Magician’s Valkyria. Now, both of my monsters, attack Joey directly!”
“Waaah! Man, this is goind downhill, fast. I got 300 Life points left. I need something better then a Graverobber this time.”

Turn 16. Joey’s Turn. 3100-0300.

Draw: Copycat.
Summon Copycat.
Activate effect, ATK/DEF becomes 2800/2600.
Copycat 2800 -> 1600 Magician’s Valkyria. Magician’s Valkyria destroyed and sent to Graveyard. Yugi takes 1200 Damage.
End Turn.

“Better draw then before, I hope. Now that’s more like it! I summon my Copycat! Its effect allows me to copy one of your monsters, making his attack and defense the same. So, I’ll copy your Magician of Black Chaos, then, I’ll attack that Valkyria!”
“Ugh. This may prove to become more difficult then I thought.”

Turn 17. Yugi’s Turn. 1900-0300.

Draw: Lightforce Sword.
Magician of Black Chaos 2800 -> Copycat. Both monsters destroyed.
Set Lightforce Sword.
End Turn.

“Hmm. I’ll have to hope this helps, then. My Magician, attack that copycat! Black Magic Strike!”
“They’re equally strong, why would you do that?”
“Because I trust in my deck to give me what I need. I’ll set a card, and end my turn.”

Turn 18. Joey’s Turn. 1900-0300.

Draw: Hayabusa Knight.
Activate Lightforce Sword. Banishes Hayabusa Knight.
End Turn.

“I need something good. Come on! Yeah! Sorry Yug, but this duel is mine. I summon!”
“Think again! I use, my Lightforce Sword! It attacks a random card in your hand, and prevent you from playing it for three full turns.”
“But … ”
“I won’t go down that easy, Joey.”

Turn 19. Yugi’s Turn. 1900-0300.

Draw: Kuriboh.
Summon Kuriboh.
Kuriboh 300 -> Joey. Joey takes 300 Damage.

“Now, let’s see then. Draw! I’m sorry Joey, but I’ll end this duel now. I summon, Kuriboh, in attack mode!”
“Oh man, not like that!”
“Kuriboh, end this duel, attack Joey directly!”
“It was a good duel, Joey. Well played.”
“You too, Yug.”

Joey loses the Duel.

Hope you all liked it. I'll be making the long expected duel between Yugi and Kaiba next. It'll take a little while before it gets here, since I'm awaiting am order on cards to come in, and only then I'll be able to get it done. Until then, hope you'll like this one. Stay tuned!


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PostSubject: Re: Friends Forever - Yugi - Joey    2013-08-26, 23:23

Nice, again, well done, I hope other members will have as much fun reading this.

get your game on!!!!!

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Friends Forever - Yugi - Joey
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