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 Card Rulings?

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PostSubject: Card Rulings?   2015-06-29, 14:21

Ok right to the point.

1: Gold Sarc vs. Necroface or Burial from a Different Dimension-

If gold sarc puts out sayyy...monster reborn, and the turn right after that the opponent uses either or of the two cards mentioned above, in #1, after gold sarc, what happens in each scenario? Will gold sarc still send that card to the hand even if it has been sent back to the deck, and/or, to the graveyard by either of these 2 cards?

2: Beelze of the Diabolical Dragons vs. Santa Claws and Solemn Judgment-

Beelze does state that it cant be destroyed by battle or card effects, however santa claws is tributing the monster for its summoning terms, and while beelze has no objection for being tributed, santa claws' summoning terms lay within his card effect ( like all monsters that require a specific condition to be met before summoned ), so unclear on which card comes out victorious. Same-ish scenario with Judgment. It says negate the summon and destroy it, yet beelze cannot be destroyed by card effects, however if it is negating the summon can beelze effects ever be activated in the first place if it hasn't even really had the chance to be summoned as it says "negate the summon". Alslo unclear, which one comes out on top?

3: Solemn Warning(itself)-

Does this card negate ANY monster's summon, like Judgment( assuming its one that doesn't specify it cant be negated ), or does it read through and through the entire description as "if a monster would be summoned....that includes the effect of special summoning a monster"?

4: WIN condition cards-

Is it true that all win condition cards cannot be negated/chained to as its condition has/is been/being met. Example A: Start of the duel mind drain is activate, about 20 turns later opponent of card's activator draws all 5 of exodia. So does the win condition still stand or is it a no go? Example B: Gimmick Puppet of Leo is about to get it's last counter, but its veilered. Win condition still met, or stopped? Example C: Victory dragon delivers final blow, opponent activates self destruct button(not sure if it can be activated at that point but I've seen a few people on DN get away with it so I assumed it was legitimate) what ends up as the outcome?

5: Santa Claws vs. Judgment/Warning-

How exactly does that play out like step by step so I can make sure for certain before I sound stupid explaining what I thought IF I am wrong?

6: Uni-Zombie vs. XYZ-

Can unizombie use its effect toward an xyz monster? And if so how? Does it gain rank, or keep its rank as well as take in a level so it has both, or does it change the rank to level and then add? I'm very unsure about that situation.

7: XYZ vs. Cards that activate when sent from field to graveyard OR just when sent to the graveyard-

While attached as a material to an xyz monster can effect monster effects be activated when they are ditached? (Examples; sangan, tour bus, white stone, goblin zombie, etc.)

8: Zenmaines vs. Stardust-

Seeing as how both effects activate at the end phase, what would be the event(s) in detailed and order(assuming these are the only cards in play) if more than one if I had blue-eyes and attacked zenmaines then m2 got stardust, and opponent detached from the attack and at the end of my turn activated his? Would it go EP, Zenmaines eff, stardust eff, zenmaines eff, destroy blue-eyes, return stardust, opponents DP? Because that is one of the most confusing things I've ever encountered because I don't have a very clear clue how those events would play out.

9: Destroying a card vs. It's effect(s) being unclear of lasting, whether or not said card must remain on the field for its effect to remain in play-

Example(step by step in order chain of events) of this being: My turn, xyz for shock master, eff for monster cards and detach, then monster reborn blue-eyes, opponent activates torrential tribute after blue-eyes. Shock master still in effect or no? Also wondering the same for zenmaines. If zenmaines were to lose bothe materials and still be destroyed in the same turn; 1: does his eff still activate? and 2: if so would it activate twice(as in destroy 2 cards since its avoiding destruction was activated twice in the same turn, in this case, or a case where he loses both materials and still remains on the field)?

10: Card eff immunes vs. Card eff negations-

Say a cards is unaffected by card effects. When it is summoned can fiendish chain be activated and negate that monster's eff? Or does the monster remain unaffected?

Please answer these as best an thorough as you can, and thank you so very much Smile!!!!

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Card Rulings?
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