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 One of EliteKuin's many decks!

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Warnings :
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Location : In the Shadow-Realm

PostSubject: One of EliteKuin's many decks!   2012-08-28, 07:05

Monsters: 22
Crashbug X 3x
Crashbug Y 3x
Crashbug Z 3x
Dark Armed Dragon 1x
Debris Dragon 1x
Morphing Jar 1x
Mystic Tomato 3x
Sangan 1x
Super Crashbug 3x
Tour Guide 3x
Spells: 11
Allure of Darkness 1x
Burial from a different Dimension 1x
Dark Hole 1x
Double Summon 1x
Pot of Duality 2x
Heavy Storm 1x
Infected Mail 1x
Monster Reborn 1x
Mystical Space Typhoon 2x
Traps: 7
Limit Reverse 2x
Mirror Force 1x
Solemn Judgement 1x
Solemn Warning 2x
Torrential Tribute 1x
Synchros: 3
Black Rose Dragon 2x
Stardust Dragon 1x
Xyz: 11
Grenosaurus 1x
Leviair 2x
Leviathan 3x
Number 34: Terror-Byte 2x
Number 39: Utopia 1x
Steelswarm Roach: 1x

Let me know what you think of my Crashbug deck.
Suggestions are appreciated!

Unspeakable Horrors await you..

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One of EliteKuin's many decks!
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