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 Zero Duel Academy Rules

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ZD points : 1250
Warnings :
0 / 50 / 5

Time Zone : GMT+2
Female Birthdate : 1993-06-08
Age : 25
Join Date : 2012-07-07
Humor : Depend on my mood
Jobs/Hobbies : Dueling, talking and jocking
Location : Jordan

PostSubject: Zero Duel Academy Rules   2012-07-12, 02:31

1: Be active in the academy. That means consistently participate in Zero Duel Academy Events, Tournaments, and Arenas. If you are inactive without giving a reason, your account may be deleted/banned due to inactivity.

2: Do not spam. The following is considered as Spam:
Mass posting: replying to multiple topics in a short period of time while not contributing to the discussion
Harassing members and Staff, this includes:
asking for promotions to staff or a higher dorm
unwelcome advances toward female members, this isnt a dating site

Posting messages with one word (wtf?, ok, etc.)
Posting things that have nothing to do with the topic.
Double Posting are not allowed.
Necro Posting (Necro Posting is reviving a topic that has died for more than 1 month unless it is yours and you're bumping it with useful)
Usage of bad language (Don't try to act smart and type @$$ because it is still considered a bad language) & so is the misspelling of a swear word.
Posting adult (18+) content.
Using another language in your posts. This forum is an English only forum.

Punishment for spam will depend on the severity of the offense and can include:
cleanup fee for removing the spam
temporary and permanent bans

3: SHOW RESPECT to Staff AND Members.

4: No advertising.

5: No pornographic content.

6: Nothing illegal.

7: No multiple accounts.

8: No BACK SEAT MODDING. If you want to report something, do it in a PM to Staff.
if you do report something then be polite about it, and take screenshots as proof of what you are reporting

9: Copyright Law. You cannot use other people's work as your own unless you got permission for it. Examples are posting decklists of other people as your own without giving credit or such things, using signatures that other people made as your own ones with no permission etc.

10: If you have a complaint, send it in a PM to the staff members in charge of that area
Moderators- complaints relating to other users on the site
Teachers- complaints relating to duel arenas and lessons
Admins- complaints relating to issues with the website itself

Breaking the rules we will result in a Warning:

1st Warning: just a warning
2nd Warning: Ban for 24 hours.
3rd Warning: Ban for 3 days and your ZD will be halved.
4th Warning: Ban for 7 days and all ZD will be confiscated
5th Warning: Perma BAN.


genexwrecker wrote:
We all love sigs but they are only fun when reasonable.

Here are some ground rules.

1.) Obviously profanity is not allowed in your sig. this will result in a warning and a ban(length will be determined by level of profanity)

2.) The F-bomb is not allowed in your sig. this will result in a warning(don't be a smart guy and say F*CK in your sig)

3.) Sig must be a reasonable length. If it is a page long its obviously a problem just be sure to keep it a good length and there wont be issues. If me or another admin pms you to shorten your sig please do so as soon as possible.

3.5) the max sig size is that your pictures can take up a total space of 1200 x 600 pixels. and you may have up to 4 lines of text as well.(the only exception to this rule is if some one puts the sig rules in their sig this will be  allowed but the user cannot have pics if they have the sig rules for their sig)

a user may have 1 youtube video in their sig but the size limitation for the images and text will be cut in half.

4.) You cannot put other people's personal information in your sig this will result in a warning. People deserve privacy and you will have violated it.

5.) Anger towards other members. This is a no for a good obvious reason.


stuff like this is not allowed and will result in a warning.

7.) Advertising. you cannot advertise other academies in your sig. You cannot advertise other sites. This will result in a warning.

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Head Moderator
Head Moderator

ZD points : 300
Warnings :
0 / 50 / 5

Male Birthdate : 1990-11-11
Age : 28
Join Date : 2012-08-08
Humor : whatever makes me laugh

PostSubject: Re: Zero Duel Academy Rules   2014-03-09, 15:22


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Zero Duel Academy Rules
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