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 Zexal Weapon Rulings

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ZD points : 1100
Warnings :
0 / 50 / 5

Time Zone : illinois
Male Birthdate : 1991-06-18
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Humor : typos, spelling errors in names, and sarcasm
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PostSubject: Zexal Weapon Rulings   2012-11-09, 14:17

keiron brought this up so we agreed i should make a lesson on these.

first off rulings for both

this card cannot be negated with dark bribe as it activates as a monster effect in the hand. as a spell card it is treated as so once it is equip and when that happens it is too late to play bribe. also you can destroy these with mst they are no different than union monsters they are treated as an equip spell so mst will be able to affect them as well as any other card that affects spells. also when they are in the s/t zone they are not a monster so cards like dark hole and just desserts don't involve them. also the effect where you can only conrtoll one always applies even if it is in your spell trap zone you still control the zw so you cannot summon one if one is already face up in some way.

also if the monsters like vylon disigma and relinquished take these monsters they gain the power boost and the effects of the cards will apply.

now for unicorn spear specific

this effect to negate cannot negate effects that activate in the grave. it also negates flip effects and continuous effects or other effects that apply/activate in the field. please note that this card can negate marshmallon and completely run it over. the effect to negate does not target. if this card battles a monster like tragoedia; trags attack will become zero.

pheonix bow specific

all this can do is inflict effect damage this effect happens after the monster is destroyed so battle damage is calculated first.

finally if both of these are equip to the same monster the monster gains 3000 atk.

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ZD points : 1100
Warnings :
0 / 50 / 5

Time Zone : illinois
Male Birthdate : 1991-06-18
Age : 27
Join Date : 2012-09-29
Humor : typos, spelling errors in names, and sarcasm
Jobs/Hobbies : dueling, helping others with rulings, trying new decks
Location : The Moon Kingdom

PostSubject: Re: Zexal Weapon Rulings   2012-11-14, 02:15

EVERYTHINHG FORM HERE ON ARE OCG RULINGS as the cards are not in the tcg yet

the new zws are out but i only have rulings for one of them right now so here is
tornado bringer rulings

first of all the basic rulings for the previous zws apply

second this card prevents cards from targeting utopia/ray so you cannot lance utopia/ray hoping that will make bringer stop working.

also this card is a bit more different form the other zws if utopia/ray would be destroyed this guy can be destroyed instead. for cards like soul taker if you prevent utopia/ray's destruction with bringer even though a card was destroyed you do not gain 1000 life as it was not the target monster that was destroyedl.

lightning blade rulings

this card cannot be msted
while it is face up and heavy storm is activated even if heavy would not destroy blade if there is at least one other spell trap under your control you can chain road as heavy is still trying to destroy 2+ cards.

it does not matter if the spell that is trying to destroy this card or other zws while

ultimate shield rulings and lion arms
if skill drain is active they cannot be equip as equip is not a cost but they can still activate but not resolve properly

ultimate shield specific rulings

this cards effect to summon an xyz monster that was banished is a trigger effect so if it is destroyed by trap hole the monster is still summoned. this card raises def not attack.

this card does not ignored proper summon rules if an xyz monster that is banished was not summoned properly the first time then it cannot be summoned by ultimate shield.

ultimate shield is a lv 4 monster but has zero attack you cannot bottomless it. im only saying this cause people believe level means high attack

im terribly sorry but lion arms is pretty difficult im discussing with the ruling guru the rulings on this one as we both agree on some parts and not on some parts when we are certain i will post the rulings here and reaper of the cards on dn will be referenced for helping.

we have some confirmed

when lion arm uses its second effect utopia/ray can only attack another monster not directly.

if skill drain is active you cannot use any of lion arms effects as moving to the s/t zone is not a cost.

you can control more than one lion arms

Zw: Eagle claw rulings

This Cards negation effect works in the same way as a royal decree but just once per turn and only for the opponent. meaning it is able to negate the effects of cards such as solemn judgment and other counter traps. it can also negate the effects of any trap that activates during the damage calculation.

Eagle claw is force to negate the effects of the first trap your opponent plays each turn it is a mandatory negation.

DZW Chimera cloth rulings:

This card makes C39 monsters unable to be destroyed by battle. Also when the equipped C39 monsters attacks a monster and that monster is not destroyed by battle chimera cloth makes the battled monsters attack 0 and attacks again.

this effect does not target

this effect does not work and the equipped monster will not be able to attack again if the attack is not changed.
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Zexal Weapon Rulings
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