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 Genex Archetype Rulings

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PostSubject: Genex Archetype Rulings   2012-11-17, 12:06

since the holiday season is comming up i will post 1 genex monster ruling a day here until they are all posted. so you will have something to look forward to each day

R-GENEX ACCELERATOR- this card has the text when a genex monster is added to your hand from your deck so this means anything with the word genex in the name and that includes R-GENEX and GENEX ALLY monsters. also this cards effect applies to any card added or drawn as drawing from teh deck is adding so combining this card with draw power is effective.

this effect is not a continuous effect it is an optional effect that you do not have to do. however if you activate it even if its effect is negated you must reveal the card as it is a cost and those can never be negated

LOCOMOTION R-GENEX-when this card is synchro summoned the effect activates and it does not need to be face up to resolve so even bottomless trap hole wont save you from it you need to negate the summon in general or negate the effect. secondly the control of the opponents monster is permanent as locomotion says until end phase no where on the card its like mind control but without the restrictions. if this monster is destroyed while face up the monster it tool control of stays on your field it does not change control unless by another card effect like mind control.

GENEX ALLY TRIARM- the effect to discard a card is a cost. the attribute of the effect depends on the attribute non tuner materials used not the attribute of the discarded monster. if this card used the water attribute eff then you select a card in your opponents hand randomly and they discard it. the wind eff is able to destroy but not negate the face down so if you opponent chains the targeted card will resolve. the dark eff of destroying a light monster and drawing are all part of the same eff they both need to happen so if the monster is not destroyed you do not draw. all of these effects activate none are continuous.

GENEX ALLY TRIFORCE-this cards effects depend on the attribute of the non tuner materials used. if two non tuner materials are used that are proper attributes to gain the effect both attribute effects will be gained.

the earth attribute effect does not activate it is a continuous effect so you cannot negate it with cards that respond only to activation(divine wrath, photon strike bounzer ect.) it can be negated by cards that negate continuous effects(veiler, skill drain ect.) the earth attribute effect does not negate already face up continuous trap cards. this card only prevents activation it does not negate. it only prevents the activation of traps and spells during the bp when it is attacking only.

the light effect to summon a monster from the grave yard in face down def is an effect that activates. if you use this effect you cannot use pot of duality in the same turn as the card was still special summoned. this effect special summons so solemn warning can negate this effects activation and destroy triforce.

the fire attribute effect is a continuous effect as well. so the same negation rules apply as with the earth effect. this effect inflicts battle damage not effect damage cards like prime material dragon cannot reverse it. cards like dimensional wall will work though since it is battle damage.
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Genex Archetype Rulings
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