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 God Card Rulings

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PostSubject: God Card Rulings   2012-11-17, 15:50

rulings for every god card

the effect where your opponent cannot activate cards or effects only apply to the summon negation window and the summon response window so you cannot play warning or something like bottomless.

winged dragon of ra- the effect to pay till you have 100 life is optional but if you do pay i must be everything you have unitl 100 remains. if ra is veilered at some point its attack is returned to normal and does not go back up. the effect to destroy one monster targets i dont know why it wouldnt target as it says it does so on the card.

slifer the sky dragon- sending this card to the grave if it was special summoned in the end phase is not destroying it so cards that prevent destruction do not save it. the effect to gain 1000 atk for each card in the hand is a continuous effect and immediatly re applies when a card is removed from the hand or added.

obelisk the tormentor- cards like dark hole and lighting vortex and mirror force work on him as they do not target. the part where this card cannot attack this turn is a condition so if you attack you cannot use that effect.
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God Card Rulings
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