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 Deck Building 101

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Mad Deckbuilder
Mad Deckbuilder

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PostSubject: Deck Building 101   2012-12-31, 06:46

The most important thing you do in Yu-Gi-Oh is building your main deck. I noticed we didn't have a general deck building 'lesson' so I made one. Though I can't really call it a lesson since most of what I'm going to say are just guidlines that I follow, and break, when I make a deck.

The first thing you have to figure out when making a deck is what kind of deck you want to make. Basically the strategy you want to use. I usually start with the monster line-up when I decide what deck I want to make.

The monster line-up is what I consider the most important part of deck building. Especially this meta where monster effects are typically what decide the duel. When looking at monsters your going to have to pick ones that help your strategy. If your running Mermails you are probably going to want to use Linde, but at the same time you might want to use Genex Ally Udine. I'm not going to tell you how to build Mermails here, I'm just giving an example where you can't limit yourself to monsters inside whatever archetype you chose to use, if any. There are monsters that can help decks immensly that people wouldn't normally think of, so you can catch people off guard with it.

After you figure out the gist of what monsters your running you should figure out your spell and trap line-up. You should look at them at the same time because sometimes there are spells that are used like traps. Like forbidden lance. I'm going to assume you know what I mean. Make sure you don't run spells or traps that are too situational. Try to put cards in that you are either sure you can use easily, or have multiple purposes. Also make sure that you don't add cards that can hurt you more than your opponent. Save that kind of stuff for the side deck.

Now that you have your main deck figured out you should look at your card count. If you are at 40 cards you should be ok, 41 or 42 can work too. Just make sure to test the deck for consistency before making it your final build. If you feel like you have too many monsters, or too many spells or traps, you're probably right. It helps to test though.

When you finish making your first build's main deck you might want to look at an extra deck. If you already decided what kind of deck you want you probably have some idea of what your extra deck should look like. If you run tuners you're going to have synchros. Prefferably ones that you actually have a chance to get out. If you have absolutely no way to synch for 5 don't run Catastor. Same thing for Xyz, if you only have one lelel 3 monster, don't run Zenmaines. Then there's having multiples of the same card. Unless you absolutely need 3 Baby Tiragons or you have a ton of extra space you want to fill, don't run 3 Baby Tiragon. Or anything else for that matter.

Finnaly, you have your deck. The first version of it anyway. As you play more with the deck, you ARE going to figure out how many of each card you want in your deck. What works and what doesn't. After you figure all of that out your main deck. Now you can get to the side deck, but that's another lesson. Instead I'll go on to testing the decks once you have made them

When your done building your main deck and your extra deck, sometimes even your side deck your going to want to duel with it a few times to really get the hang of it. Unless of course its an autopilot deck in which case you're going to be losing a lot when people figure out how to beat you. Anyway, figuring out what to play when is the most important part of testing out a deck. That's more or less up to you I don't have any general tips for it since every deck is different.

What I can guide people on is to watch for three things. The first is consistency, the number of times you can get your strategy to work. Or at least it would have worked if your opponent hadn't mirror forced your Obelisk. If you can use your strategy 80% of the time, that's good, 90% that's great, 100% you either need to test more or you are a leprechaun.

The second thing is frequency. If you keep drawing into certain cards, that's either good, or bad. If you draw into cards you can't use all the time, it may be time to switch things up. At the same time, if you never draw into a card you absolutely have to have then you may want to add cards that can either search it or draw it.

The last thing is adaptability. If your opponent plays a card that can't be destroyed by battle, can you get rid of it. If they have cards that negate attacks, can you get over them? If the have massive beatsticks can you get rid of them? Theese are all questions you should consider, most of them can be adressed in your side deck, but if you have particular problems with a certain type of strategy it would be good to find a way in your main build to get around it.

That's basically it for testing. If you consider these three things you should have a build that works fairly well, but if you don't feel like changing your deck, don't change it. It is ultimately up to you and luck is a huge factor in yugioh. If you lose a lot with a deck, you may just be unlucky. I have days where I win 10-0 with a deck and others where I lose 0-10. It happens. The most important thing is that you have fun.

For Science,

Llloyd Asplund

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Deck Building 101
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