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 Fast Effect Chain

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PostSubject: Fast Effect Chain   2013-02-06, 04:24

Fast Effect cards are essentially anything Spell Speed 2 or higher (Quick-effect Monster Effects, Quick-Play Spell Cards, and any Trap Card). No longer will Priority be in effect! We’ll clarify how some of this will work out, assuming we do understand the flow chart below:

Example #1: Player 1 (Turn Player) synchro summons a Scrap Dragon while Player 2 has 2 face down spell/traps (Turn Player does not start a chain). Nothing is triggered, therefore Player 1 can activate a fast effect (anything Spell Speed 2 or higher). If Player 1 does not, Player 2 may, and activates Bottomless Trap Hole, thus starting a chain. Under Fast Effect ruling, Scrap Dragon would not be able to activate its effect to destroy one card on each side of the field due to its ignition effect being Spell Speed 1.

Example #2: Player 1 (Turn Player) activates Pot of Duality, effectively starting a chain. Player 2 can continue that chain by activating Magic Jammer. Player 1 would retain the right to play a card first in this case.

Just to clarify, the turn player is still capable of playing a card first to start the chain, however, activating Speed 1 effects in response to summoning or non-chain-starting effects are out. Also, Fast Effect ruling doesn’t prevent the actions of trigger effects (i.e. “If this card is summoned, banish 1 target” would still apply even if Bottomless Trap Hole was activated in response to the monster’s summon.)

here a table a found around that explains what im saying

tell any suggestion or what u think of this your teacher -chaos- Cool

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Fast Effect Chain
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