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 Bluffing As A Strategy

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Mad Deckbuilder
Mad Deckbuilder

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PostSubject: Bluffing As A Strategy   2013-03-02, 04:20

If there's one thing that has saved my butt in more duels than anything else in the game its Dark Hole. Second only to that is bluffing.
Bluffing is a strategy more often employed by experienced players against other experienced players. If its a duel where one of the players is a newbie then chances are the more experienced player is going to win anyway. So I wouldn't use this on a guy you know isn't very good, or if you just started. If you want to know how I go about bluffing keep reading. This is all going to be DN stuff. I'm not going to give away any of my IRL secrets since most of you will probably never be in a position to use and abuse them. Unless you guys actually want them in which case send me a PM or post a reply.

1. Something from nothing:
If your field is empty, people think you have Gorz or something else big that you can bring out if they attack you.
2. 3's a party 5's a crowd
If you have 3 cards in your backrow your opponent will be wary of a starlight road, if you have 5 they'll think you're bluffing and Heavy Storm you anyway. It's kind of a reverse bluff since you want them to think you don't have something.
3. I'm a noob so do whatever
Do something really stupid, like Dark Bribe an Upstart Goblin, your opponent then becomes unsuspecting thinking that it'll be an easy win.
4. Admiral Akbar
Lets say you use something that lets your opponent see your cards, like Pot of Duality. Let's say its a flip effect or a trap, don't use that trap use another one. Set something that isn't going to help you at all or you actually want to be destroyed because you're opponent isn't going to just sit idly by and let you use whatever you showed them.
5. Bait and Switch (HARD)
Build a deck that uses cards that are common in multiple decks.For instance if you have photon thrasher as a main card. You could go between heros and thunder family. Two very loosly related decks that completely render side decking useless when you use your side deck to switch between them. Its a fun strategy but very hard to make work since they have to use similar card set. At most a 15 card difference.

Dueling against me is like getting stomped in the balls repeatedly by a man in a bear suit. The bear is wearing a hat and a bowtie. It's random and slightly painful. I speak from experience.
It looks like this:

P.S. the man on the ground is me
P.P.S. The man in the bear suit is also me
P.P.P.S. The opponent is probably the building or the tree or a very scared onlooker.
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PostSubject: Re: Bluffing As A Strategy   2013-03-06, 03:06

IRL tips Smile, send me plz, yea i am not all that bad irl, but i kinda fail in that aspect....so some help would be greatly appreciated.

get your game on!!!!!

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Bluffing As A Strategy
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